Zastava, Graffiti, Street, Belgrade, Serbia
Image Number 09004298
Description Zastava, Graffiti, Street, Belgrade, Serbia
License Typ RM
Recording Date21.05.2016
Creditmauritius images / Nora Frei
Model Release No permission needed
Property Release Not existing
File size
57.8 MB (uncompressed ), 20.2 MP
5613 x 3598 pixel, 47.52 cm x 30.46 cm @ 300 dpi
animals, antiquated, antique car, antique cars, archival, art, art-work, art-works, artistry, artsy, art work, artwork, artworks, auto, automobile, balkan peninsula, balkans, balkans states, belgrade, big city, building frescoes, capital, capital city, car, cats, city, city tour, classic car, classic cars, coating, colored, colorful, coloring, colourful, colouring, communicate, communicating, communication, communing, company, craft, creativeness, creativity, culture, cultures, depict, depiction, design, designed, destination, domestic animal, domestic animals, domesticated animal, domestic pet, dyed, eastern europe, europe, exterior, felideae, felines, fine art, fine arts, graffiti, household pet, household pets, house pet, idea, ideas, image, imaging, journey, large city, life style, lifestyle, malte, memories, memory, message, messages, metropolis, metropolitan, micro car, model figure, motor car, motorcar, motor cars, motorcars, motor vehicle, multi-colored, multi-coloured, multi colored, multicolored, multi coloured, multicoloured, mural, nobody, no people, nostalgia, nostalgic, old-fashioned, old-timers, old fashion, old fashioned, old visual, old visuals, outdoor, outdoors, paint, painted, paint effect, painting, paintings, paint treatment, past, past time, pet, pet race, pets, photos, picture, remember, rememberance, rememberances, remembering, remembrance, rendering, representation, representations, retro, serbia, society, southeast-europe, southeast europe, street art, street painting, sub-culture, subcompacts, subculture, taking a message, taking notes, the balkans, the past, tinted, tourism destination, travel destination, travelling, two, unfashionable, urban, urbanity, urban scene, urban tourism, vehicle, vehicles, vintage, vintage car, vintage cars, wall, wall-paintings, wall mural, wall murals, wall painting, wall paintings, wall picture, wall pictures, walls, work of art, works of art, youth culture, yugoslavia
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